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Tues Days August 15, 2011

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Tuesday (Listeni/ˈtjuːzd/ or /ˈtjuːzdi/ or /ˈtzd/) is a day of the week occurring after Monday and before Wednesday. According to international standard ISO 8601, it is the second day of the week, although in some traditions it is the third.

“Tuesdays are only one of the types of days there are

You may also encounter during your life-time plenty of other types

So if any particular Tuesday causes or seems to bring undue grief or dis-stress, take heart:

for a Tuesday can be and usually is the harbinger of one or other of those other types of days for which you yearn for-getting the fact that on any particular Tuesday you are in fact and irreversibly moving directly in line to-ward such a future of other types of days that, should you obtain to the faintest inkling of, you would have to in a moment of joyous fright faint immediately at the expansive and illuminating opening surely coming to-ward you via this very specific and particular Tuesday in which you feel so mistakenly unfortunate to currently occur.

This I’ll warrant you from the depths of my soul, which, as you know is in fact and in matter immeasurably and irreconcilably deep.

Yours, truly (for whose else would I be?)

Auntie Scoot”


The Poem: If Ever … February 26, 2009

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If ever there was a reason

If ever I thought to think

If ever my life went open

If ever there came a brink


If ever I wandered aimless

If ever my dream came true

If ever a spot cleared newly

If ever I was near you


There – then

what would be and what had been

would never wonder again

Where – when

A brief look into my Tech Mitigated Life February 25, 2009

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It’s 3:33AM. I’m noticing that who I am is now tech defined.

For the last several days my iPhone would not ring. Apparently some switch on the side got switched and though Settings said ring was on, ring was actually off. It took me awhile to find it. Actually I didn’t find it. Complaining to a friend, he told me his had done the same thing, and revealed there was some switch on the side. I fumbled in that direction and the next thing you know I heard the ring of an incoming call. Magic, I’d say. Now I’m back with the living: immediately accessible, though tech mitigated, once again.

This morning I woke thinking about my current experience, living in expanded tech, tech being defined as that which is human created, man-made as it were.

Looking back, I could say that I’ve gone from experiencing life through family – with parents, siblings, pets, sometimes grandmas and grandpas, and now and then cousins; life through body as a dancer from a young age and later athlete; and life through interaction with others, leading and learning as a “boss” of the older and teacher of the younger ones since I was probably about 7 or so. When did tech show up?


What do you do with “What do you do?” January 14, 2009

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The standard formal greeting used to be “How do you do?” Followed by “Very well, thank you … and you?” Now, it seems to be “What do you do?” … for which my consternation at devising an appropriately terse and common response leads to this post.

Something must have happened with the turn of the New Year.

I’ve had several recent occasions to meet new people and have encountered some difficulty in responding to this inevitable and perhaps innocently posed question: “What do you do?”

So far, my odd and unsettling response is something like: “About what?” because I can’t help thinking: perhaps I didn’t hear them correctly or completely. Frankly, somehow I can’t tell whether they are asking: what do I do …

  • about my laundry? or
  • about global warming? or
  • when I’ve put too much salt in the soup? or
  • about the financial crisis? or
  • in a pinch?
  • (more…)

    A Starting Mathematical Formula for My Life: YMB t2008_0326 v1 March 26, 2008

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    Last Saturday I was taking a time out at the local Starbucks, just catching up on reading material from “The Folder”, (being currently a collection of obscure writings on action, language, language action, deadline busting, elliot waves, wise organizations, management practices, and a doctoral course), when entered a sprightly local mathemetician, whom I’d not yet met, to share the couch.

    And a wonderful conversation ensued in which I was returned to my enthusiasm and joy for the topic of mathematics. A topic that although I do have a degreed specialization in, I didn’t quite take to a zenith … but I’ve a respectible library (including Dynamical Chaos, which i have read – at least a portion) and a brain that can actually follow and visualize the referred reality which proofs purport to prove. So it really is an area I dip into from time to time. Purely for enjoyment, that is.

    Now, not quite a week later from that chai induced connection, I was updating my Professional (about) page here, and in doing so referenced a note from over dinner few weeks back when JW told me how he saw me professionally. He expressed that special combination of traits he perceived, which I happened to capture on a nearby scrap … as an equation.

    Well of course, one thing led to another, and so here I am now with the (don’t try this at home) formula for a particular view of a “me” … vis,

    [SF:{1/9 nuclear family + 14(dance + drama + music + art)} * {SoCal(mathematics/computer science)^systems + (5*systems:design, 5*business:project management)} + Berkeley{(2*manager:product dvlpmt, 3*consulting services manager:design/modeling tools, 3*entrepreneur:advisor, 10*consultant:facilitator)^(28*meditator) +SF(2.5*dialogue host) + Worldwide(6*transformational program participant)–>5*focus:BoostingBrilliantPeople}] ^female

    = an insight generator, effective with groups, under pressure, and at any interface … with a listening that opens vast new territories for thinking and exploration … and an ability to call new creations into being.

    I assure you that it didn’t start like this – the first rendition had only 5 terms and of course, the math is very simple – mostly arithmetic.  Since Mom didn’t understand the notation, for clarification I offer: * means multiplied by, / means divided by, ^ used for the exponent, -> expresses yields, : indicates function of and here numbers are mostly years). So I’ve probably butchered the expressions of logic which I can’t quite remember or didn’t take the time to find proper symbols for. (Will definitely have to send the link on this post to MK for correction.)

    I wonder: are there already in the world much more elegant or complex logics and algebras for documenting such interacting characteristics? Has anyone tried to document a particular life in a formula? How would I show the important influences in the train of my thinking such as the incident of meeting MK in the Starbucks?

    In the title to this post, I just added “t” for time and “v” for version. Perhaps if we review the formula and refine it over time, we’ll have a few data points and can begin to discern pathways of development. Or maybe such a elemental expression of skills and interests can be used in some kind of matching function, for e.g. candidates and opportunities.

    I’m curious what the formulas for my friends would look like. I’ve since sent this to my family and requested their various submittals (the other 8/9ths), wondering if we can put these together and somehow come up with 1 or a maybe even a predictive expression of “whither the next generation?” Maybe we’ll only get input from the analytic side of the family and then have an unbalanced view that excludes the artistic. We’ll have to stick a variable (alpha)in for the artistic side of the family. Maybe put a log on it for the pronounced influence of their undeclared status.

    What would each person choose to highlight about their lives? Like all modeling exercises, something important is always left out – like that I really like a good cup of chai or that grandma taught me how to thread a needle.

    So here’s a challenge for your spare time, exploration, and re-creation: create a mathematical formula that captures the important features of your life, or who you are professionally, or what your mix of interests are, or where you spent your time today … and be sure to indicate the meaning or function of the symbols by which the terms are related.

    How You Know You’re Dead, Part 5 March 26, 2008

    Posted by Yvonne in Distinctions.

    Continuing from : part 1, 2, 3, and 4 … this download came in the middle of Valentine’s Day night – when I was sooo present to life, really. It filled 25 little pages in my notebook (I was travelling otherwise it woulda gone right into the blog) and this is about half the items. More to come …

    • When you look, you don’t see.
    • The scenery never changes.
    • The soft parts of you are really hard to find.
    • Your peripheral vision yields little new information.
    • Darkness is just fine with you.
    • Noone hears your voice, and you don’t really hear anyone else’s voice either.
    • Days of the week are indistinct.
    • You are neither warmer nor coller than you were yesterday.
    • The future is quitepredictable.
    • Singing is pretty much out of the question.
    • Children fail to inspire you.
    • The coffee just doesn’t do it for you anymore.
    • You can’t get it up.
    • You have the same hairdo year after year.
    • The color scheme at your place never changes.


    How You Know You’re Dead, Part 4 February 14, 2007

    Posted by Yvonne in Distinctions.

    Mostly, you know you’re really dead when … You haven’t posted to your blog for many, many months!


    And then again, here are more tell-tale signs … extending the list from: part 1, 2, and 3  (and more at part 5):

    • You don’t recognize your shoes.
    • You enjoy only discriminately.
    • You pretend to be alive.
    • You don’t care much about reconciling anything that’s out of balance, whether it’s the accounting or a relationship or the politics of being a citizen.
    • You try to imagine a time when you were alive, but it seems so far away, so long ago.
    • You smell funny.
    • You don’t get dizzy.
    • You are completely useless at a birthday party be cause you can’t blow up a balloon, sing out loud, blow out candles or play Pin-the-Tail-on-the-Donkey.
    • You are as good as any of the other kids at whacking the piñata.
    • You stay in one position for a really long time.
    • You can stare anyone down.
    • You wear the same color shoes everyday.
    • You have a clammy handshake.
    • You can’t tell what others are feeling.
    • You look only in one direction.
    • You are adept at side-stepping responsibility.
    • You can sleep with the light on. (more…)