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Big Bow September 10, 2009

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The bow was just too big, and tho’ she tried so hard to let her mom know it wouldn’t work, overtime, there was no hope for it and that’s why her life was so crooked under the weight of it all.

Big Bow

Big Bow


Recipe for a Curdled Family March 27, 2008

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I heard back from both mom and one sister that they didn’t know where to start with the mathematical formua for a life, so I’m offering this option: You could also try it as a recipe, vis:

1 mom + 1 dad

1. Mix mom and dad liberally early, often, and with love and enthusiasm. This will begin to produce some of the brothers and sisters you will need for the step 3.

2. Continue the previous step as you can, but probably only on Sunday mornings for two hours while the first batch of kids are off to church and mom and dad have a bit of time to themselves. This will produce the rest of the brothers and sisters until you get a good amount.

Then several years later, when the youngest have grown to a not-easily breakable size and spirit:

1 empty refrigerator box
4 sisters + 3-4 brothers

3. Take all ingredients to the top of your nearest backyard hill. Open the ends of the box.

4. Place in box the largest of the brothers and sisters, then gently fit in the smaller ones around the edges. Make sure all limbs are mostly inside the ends of the box.

5. On a synchronized signal, mix the brothers and sisters well by starting the box rolling down the hill.

6. When the whole mess gets to the bottom, if there have been any sisters or brothers or body parts that have fallen out, collect them all, go back to the top of the hill and begin again.

Repeat from step 3. until laughter subsids or someone has a better idea. This could take most of a Saturday afternoon, but will produce a lovely curdled, if slightly bruised, family.