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Success Factors for Implementing Change February 22, 2008

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A friend asked this question via LinkedIn :

Question Details:
How do you implement changes with 100% success?

What are the most frequently overlooked change success factors?

And here’s my off-the-top-of-the-head response:

Authorship: When someone feels the change is theirs, they will make it work.

Partnership: When people feel they are pulling for a common goal, they will make it work.

Ongoing sensing and adjustment: When we keep in touch with a changing reality, we have a better chance of having things go the way we wish them to. “Strategy disolves when the first shot is fired.”

Oh! re: “frequently overlooked” –
Select to change something in the direction it is already going – anyone who wants to have the ice caps melt may win right now. Easier to find a parade and get in front of it.

Say you want as the change what is already the case but just hasn’t been seen yet. When we call out an existing but hidden reality, then it comes into view, we say there is a “change” but not in reality, only in viewing. Sometimes that is much easier than changing reality.


Where Startups Start-up: Inquiring After the SV Factor February 24, 2006

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My friend Walt is inquiring into what is going on where startups start-up. [This is a follow-on from the conversation started after I shared about TechCrunch5 (see end note and comments).]

Apparently there are people in various places in the world that look to learn from what’s happened in Silicon Valley, and then go try and do or create what they see working here (i.e. incubators, VCs who were formerly entrepreneurs, angels, tech centers, universities, things we do, and the like) with the intent to foster more start-ups in their region.

But it doesn’t work.

Even when there’s plenty of money and plenty of political support and folks do everything they know to make it go, it doesn’t happen. Not always, not consistently, maybe not ever. Thus the puzzlement. (more…)

An Inquiry on Inquiry: Listening Past the Answer January 19, 2006

Posted by Yvonne in Dynamics of Resistance, Frameworks and Focus, Power of Dialogue.

Last night I was on the phone with a couple colleagues; we needed to prep for an upcoming meeting with a larger team. Our subteam lead couldn’t get on the call so we hung out for a bit, looked at the (really) brief notes he’d emailed just prior to the call and said: “Well, he’s on his own.” We signed off and sent an email to him to call us individually if he still needed time with us as ponder partners.

About half hour later, he called me, and we got into the subject.

A little bit of background: The chicken scratchings he’d sent were the result of over two months worth of a few folks’ work. To tell the truth, it didn’t look like it amounted to much. I kid you not: three lines on a page, about 5 words each. Not a lot to be inspired about and, going into a two day meeting, no surprise it left us wondering how the heck we’d be using our time.

Having worked for about a year on another related piece and gotten that one rolling really well, this was the second thread we’d just begun pulling, and the sweater hadn’t quite unravelled as yet. We were at the beginning again, only a few of us had engaged with the new ideas, just scratching the surface really, and although we were using a similar technology as we did for the past year’s work …


EVENT: (Fri 1/20 6:30PM Pacific) Collective IQ with Doug Englebart January 19, 2006

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Doug Englebart an innovator at the source of the computing revolution is remarkable man and all about leveraging leverage, improving improvement networks and much more. 

in person event in Palo Alto: http://www.futuresalon.org/
online event at Second Life: http://slfuturesalon.blogs.com/second_life_future_salon/2006/01/doug_engelbart_.html#comment-12954735

“Imagine what we can do together”. – DE

The Shortest Distance Between the Past and the Future is Now January 16, 2006

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The title is one of those lines that came to me one word at a time … sometimes it’s like that — I find I have to be willing to listen without knowing what’s coming next.

I’d said it to a friend, and he asked me for the line again, so I thought I’d expound a bit – that’s was the start of this post.

Whew! And here’s a second edit … this sure bloomed into something deeper than it started as … YMB

Past and Future? Some say there is no past, there is no future, there’s only now.

It sure seems like there’s a past – I do find myself thinking and talking about it alot. It sure seems like there’s a future – we’re certainly dreaming and wondering, scheming and operating as if there is.

What’s curious is that all that conversation is usually about stuff that isn’t – isn’t yet or isn’t any longer.

So “what is” is left to now – but we don’t deal with that much.

We really don’t get the point.