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One Eye Open September 28, 2009

Posted by Yvonne in Drawings.
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she had but one eye _ and it was open and clear so could, of course see much better than most

One Eye Open

One Eye Open

Being a meditator, we hear a lot about the “Third Eye”. You need two eyes to see in the world, but to get at a true kind of knowing, one is usually better.

Sometimes that’s all you need: an inner knowing, a spiritual summons, and that’s a different kind of seeing.

In the drawings I’ve noticed that the eye is usually what makes the piece be something in particular. Until the eye is placed, it could be anything. Frequently, the eye is the last touch.


When did you know? September 17, 2009

Posted by Yvonne in Poems.
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There comes a time
Not unceasingly
However it happens
Then no going back

From here, there
and then … where?
Truthfully, comes a time