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How You Know You’re Dead, Part 2 January 27, 2006

Posted by Yvonne in Distinctions, Dynamics of Resistance, Indirect Approach.

This thing has just not let me alone. So here’s the latest:

  • Nothing scares you.
  • You’re not a member of any clubs or organizations, movements or communities.
  • You don’t go on bike rides.
  • You haven’t seen a movie for quite awhile, and if you did you don’t remember it much.
  • You don’t stretch in the morning.
  • You forgot your name.
  • You don’t check the mailbox.
  • You can’t smell the flowers.
  • You don’t get dressed up for anything.
  • You feel really stiff.
  • You can’t spell.
  • You don’t notice anyone around you.
  • There’s no journey you are on.
  • You are very efficient, using the least amount of power.
  • You fail to get clues.
  • You will never try anything new, ever again.
  • You say, “I can’t imagine that.”
  • You do not wave in the breeze.
  • You take no steps.
  • You have nothing much in the schedule for next week.
  • You no longer learn.
  • You don’t wrap presents.
  • You look out the window but don’t see anything.
  • The voice that answers your phone sounds really professional.
  • You don’t accept gifts.
  • You don’t share food with anyone.
  • You no longer jump off ladders, down steps, on the bed or at all.
  • You have no water in you.
  • You have no air in you.
  • You have no fire in you.
  • You have no ground in you.
  • You have no ether, no consciousness in you.
  • You have ceased to qualify as a woman, a man or a human.
  • You never do anything scary or dangerous.
  • You get flowers but don’t smell them.
  • You refuse to listen.
  • You appear glazed over.
  • You have some strange, wierd, toxic stuff rolling through your veins and arteries.
  • You hang out in dead places.
  • It could be said you are well preserved.
  • You figure someone else will clean up your messes.
  • You don’t cooperate except by succumbing.
  • You don’t run marathons.
  • You can provide either a stable, calming and terrifying effect on others depending on if they are dead fully or only a little bit.
  • You are amusing to and loved by those who are not fully dead.
  • You remember the events of your life only up to a certain point.
  • You don’t return calls and letters.
  • You fail to see, read or be affected by all the little post its that were put on your computer monitor and inspirational messages and posters scattered throughout your personal space by some alive person you vaguely recall.
  • You, perhaps inadvertently, have gotten caught in a temporary lapse of consciuosness which hasn’t yet lifted and likely won’t anytime soon.
  • You don’t know anyone else’s name.
  • By default, all your affairs are in order.
  • You no longer care if your days are numbered.
  • You never itch.
  • You are in a box with sides and a lid but it’s relatively comfortable and temperature controlled.
  • You are never hungry for anything.
  • You don’t care if your secrets get out.

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