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Magic Fortune September 7, 2013

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Recently I did a collage of Chinese fortunes I’d found when helping a friend clear his home before moving years ago … and just sent it to him.

And he asked me why I did it.

I think they might have been in a basket in the kitchen or something, and just struck me as a collection … so I saved them and had intended to get them to him some day. I mean, he saved them so, they must have been important …

Why don’t we just read a fortune and then toss it? Sometimes, we read them aloud to our dinner partners, end with “… in bed!”, compare, have a good laugh … and leave them at the Chinese restaurant or toss them along with the take-out boxes.

But if there’s something in it, we keep them. Hope? Wonder? Perhaps an avoidance of the potential dire consequences should we fail to honor their oriental magic, fueled by the mystery of how this particular message could have come to us at this particular time and place … the trick our brain does to make it seem the “perfect message for me right now” … and those are the ones we keep. The magic ones.

As I look around, I’ve got a few I can point to right off … among the collection of items forming the centerpiece on my dining room table: “You will soon be visited by an old friend”. Taped to my drawing table at an angle where only I can see them and only when I’m actually sitting in the chair: “Don’t underestimate yourself. Your social skills are needed by others at this time.” (that one came with startup #2 of 4) and “You will receive unexpected support over the next week. Accept graciously.” I’m sure there are others lurking in my many books, jewelry drawer, kitchen and glove box.

And he asked me why I did return them? Well, obviously, It was because of the magic.

To return the magic that had surely been important at a time and place. I’m not sure if it still holds, but I gotta say, putting together the collage and then selecting the images to fill in did seem like the weaving together of powerful threads he had surely gathered, however done – whether jokingly during dinner parties, a lone night with late take-out, or purposely brought home from social outings of one type or another.

So that’s why I did it.

And now I’m wondering what other fortunes I have stashed here and there which are quietly doing their work … put in motion by an inner impetus stimulated into resonance with the universe.


Magic Miracles Missed: Appreciating Friendship July 3, 2013

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Recently I was on the phone with my most dear friend who admitted wondering at times (mostly due to my (and her) being so busy and long times between communications) whether or not our friendship was important to me.
I was appalled and assured her that it totally was.
Later I realized that my appreciations didn’t always get delivered to her … and from her side, just looking at the evidence, it could actually seem that she wasn’t as important as everything else I was paying attention to. Bummer.
I really very often feel appreciations and gratitude for people who have been inspiring, supportive, positive, encouraging, or teaching partners in my life. And periodically my heart wells up (often in the middle of the night as I’m reflecting on life) and I start writing snippets to express what I’m feeling. Rarely do I write in email, preferring the handwritten note as more personal for that kind of communication. Most often, however, I don’t actually send them … because they are mostly unfinished, not “done” or a whole complete thot … just a wisp of something like: “damn, that was so good for me/the world/life that you did/said/be’d that way with me. i will never get over it and life is never the same since then. to me, you are a magic miracle in the world.”
So, after that conversation, I looked around and found such a note which I had started some 2 years prior (yup it was dated) and sent it to her.
Her reply:
I have had an intense week in many ways but do want to acknowledge your note.  It touched me deeply.  I can’t really find the words to say how I responded to it … it touched me deeply – that’s the best I can come up with.  For some reason it is difficult for me to acknowledge, realize, that I might be important to someone.  I don’t say this lightly, it’s hard to admit.
Thank you for sending it.”
A portion of my reply:
It’s probably not the only one of it’s kind addressed to you. There are probably others in the world, and not all from me. Ponder that!
The more life experience I have/remember, and reflect on the people I have known and who have been influential/helpful/uplifting/inspiring to me, I can imagine that all kinds of good wishes and heartfelt warm fuzzies have been launched toward all kinds of people who have no idea how much they are appreciated for the littlest, tiniest looks or smiles or even the big darn efforts they have done in their lives. Boggles the mind to know that our awareness is so dampened as to be immune to such impressions (if not expressions) of appreciation, support, gratitude and general positivenesses which are most certainly headed our way (if by my own calculations my one point of sending is any reliable measure). Astounding really.
So, task of the day: launch those warm fuzzies … even if incomplete – they might just burst someone’s (i’m not important) bubble.

Here Now October 1, 2009

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With the power of life she pointed, saying “Here. Now.” and so it was.

Here Now

Here Now

There comes a time when you realize that the only place you can make a difference is here and the only time you really have to work with is now … that the shortest distance between whatever past you’ve come from and any future you might choose is now … the point of all possibility.

And then you realize that soon after that, another “now” will be up for grabs very soon. Or your realize that if this “now” is working but this “here” ain’t cutting it, there are other “here”s to choose from and some very nearby.

And this is the start of curiosity.

And then you try: you say something … and it blows away in the wind. But you didn’t die, and you learned about the now and how it goes.

And this is the start of boldness, and you soon say: “Here, Now” and you mean it … with your added passion, both here and now become enlivened and begin to move in your appointed direction.

And this starts something all together else …

Being Unconstrained, Things Happening, Insufficient Infrastructure April 7, 2006

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I can't believe it's been a month since I posted to the blog. Seems too much is happening all at once. I thought time was designed so that would NOT happen – at this node of the universe, seems that time is breaking down.

So this missive is really just to touch a toe down in blogsphere again. If there's something particularly that interests you, let me know and I'll follow it up when time permits.

And I've got a rif on "happen"; for a teaser, I suggest you go look it up in the dictionary.

Earlier this month, I had a couple important "ah, hah!"s:

  1. I'm not going to do the renovation
  2. I'm going to figure out what I'm going to do about living situation/home in the next 1-2 months
  3. and mostly:

I am no longer willing to tolerate constraints on my bringing my gift to the world. So now I'm only going for what I perceive as my highest and best use … and that is "boosting brilliant people".


On What a Life is For and Finding My Voice March 6, 2006

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In my first Master’s level course, it was “Management 101”, the professor opened the evening asking us to provide some basic background info on ourselves, including the answer to: “What is your most important value?” He used to ask: “Who are you?” but it didn’t net much useful response because people were simply too young to answer.

When my sister was about 15, she worried: “I just don’t know what I want to be when I grow up!” So I gave her the professor’s take on it:

“Don’t worry; you’re not anybody yet.”

Being “in the make” is a tough spot when all that’s around you is pulling for a two-dimensional answer (What? No business card?) to a clearly multi-dimensional question. It’s probably best to put off the answer for as long as you can. (more…)

Where Startups Start-up: Inquiring After the SV Factor February 24, 2006

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My friend Walt is inquiring into what is going on where startups start-up. [This is a follow-on from the conversation started after I shared about TechCrunch5 (see end note and comments).]

Apparently there are people in various places in the world that look to learn from what’s happened in Silicon Valley, and then go try and do or create what they see working here (i.e. incubators, VCs who were formerly entrepreneurs, angels, tech centers, universities, things we do, and the like) with the intent to foster more start-ups in their region.

But it doesn’t work.

Even when there’s plenty of money and plenty of political support and folks do everything they know to make it go, it doesn’t happen. Not always, not consistently, maybe not ever. Thus the puzzlement. (more…)

The Shortest Distance Between the Past and the Future is Now January 16, 2006

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The title is one of those lines that came to me one word at a time … sometimes it’s like that — I find I have to be willing to listen without knowing what’s coming next.

I’d said it to a friend, and he asked me for the line again, so I thought I’d expound a bit – that’s was the start of this post.

Whew! And here’s a second edit … this sure bloomed into something deeper than it started as … YMB

Past and Future? Some say there is no past, there is no future, there’s only now.

It sure seems like there’s a past – I do find myself thinking and talking about it alot. It sure seems like there’s a future – we’re certainly dreaming and wondering, scheming and operating as if there is.

What’s curious is that all that conversation is usually about stuff that isn’t – isn’t yet or isn’t any longer.

So “what is” is left to now – but we don’t deal with that much.

We really don’t get the point.