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Lopsided Notion February 11, 2010

Posted by Yvonne in Drawings, Dynamics of Resistance.
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some notions are lop-sided, but beautiful none-the-less.

Lopsided Notion

Even a lack of evidence of some kind of notion of “perfection” is it’s own beauty.

I have a dear friend who has been a fine artist for more than 60 years. Spending time with him I realized that the term “self-expression” is redundant: there’s no self with out expression and there’s no expression without self.

It’s ALL art – every way you move, every thing you say, the way your foot goes out and touches the ground when you walk, the way one looks when they are just waiting in line … even the way you resist or ignore or make mis-takes in life – they are all still made. It’s all a creation, intentioned or not …

And I guess what I’m learning these days is about being willing to be the creator of a life, this life … looking at and seeing what’s happening, now I think : do i like that over here … or over there … or maybe not at all?

Choosing and consciously creating … and loving and welcoming it all, even the lop-sided ones. Then continuing to create … tuning, trying, practice and patience … till soon … who knows?


Unword Theatre February 1, 2010

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Some things can’t be said – that’s why we have theatre.

Intensely Exclusive October 6, 2009

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it was an intense relationship _ in a direct and exclusive sort of way

Intensely Exclusive

Intensely Exclusive

If I remember rightly, this drawing came up at the end of an experiment in which I recently participated – an investigation into group learning using WoW as the platform.

I don’t know if others consider that they have a relationship with their computers or what types of relationships those may be, but I found that, although we were focused on the interactions amongĀ  humans, my relationship to and with the “machine” (meaning both the computer and the software/environment) was almost as interesting.

One surprising insight early on was that by operating in the game environment, I realized how much (in the Game of Life) I rely on cues and awareness, access for which hadn’t yet been replicated in game – or maybe access to that awareness is just not yet evident to the novice/apprentice level player.

Although I could orient the visual field of the avatar through a much wider range than my body’s physical point of view, looking out from my eyes in the front of my head, that expanded range in game didn’t provide the particular kind of awareness I found I use constantly and transparently in meatspace. The experience was a bit like missing my back.

When I mentioned this to a couple of the WoW game masters on the team, they (both male) were surprised and intrigued not having noticed that for themselves. So maybe it’s a gal thing – I don’t know.

In game, what you have to work with is your avatar, and your control is via the display, keyboard, mouse & headset. In the Game of Life, what you have to work with is your self and your control is … well, that’s the question, isn’t it … mind+body? soma? structures of communication? ???

So it became an investigation of the relationship of one’s self to one’s apparatus, as it were – one’s extensions into life — a very intense, direct and exclusive kind of relationship, you see?

Here Now October 1, 2009

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With the power of life she pointed, saying “Here. Now.” and so it was.

Here Now

Here Now

There comes a time when you realize that the only place you can make a difference is here and the only time you really have to work with is now … that the shortest distance between whatever past you’ve come from and any future you might choose is now … the point of all possibility.

And then you realize that soon after that, another “now” will be up for grabs very soon. Or your realize that if this “now” is working but this “here” ain’t cutting it, there are other “here”s to choose from and some very nearby.

And this is the start of curiosity.

And then you try: you say something … and it blows away in the wind. But you didn’t die, and you learned about the now and how it goes.

And this is the start of boldness, and you soon say: “Here, Now” and you mean it … with your added passion, both here and now become enlivened and begin to move in your appointed direction.

And this starts something all together else …

One Eye Open September 28, 2009

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she had but one eye _ and it was open and clear so could, of course see much better than most

One Eye Open

One Eye Open

Being a meditator, we hear a lot about the “Third Eye”. You need two eyes to see in the world, but to get at a true kind of knowing, one is usually better.

Sometimes that’s all you need: an inner knowing, a spiritual summons, and that’s a different kind of seeing.

In the drawings I’ve noticed that the eye is usually what makes the piece be something in particular. Until the eye is placed, it could be anything. Frequently, the eye is the last touch.

Color Complex – coming out as an artist September 27, 2009

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when color showed up _ things began to get more complex.

Color Complex

Color Complex

So far, I’ve not been posting any of the backstory on these drawings so I’ve decided to start including such — maybe this is a bit of coming out of the closet as an artist.

Yesterday I spent the day with a bunch of artists visiting with Ruth Gendler at Kalliopeia Foundation’s lovely location in San Rafael.

This is the first time I ever went to an event as an artist. A bit shocking, I later realized.

[The Drawings started in Dec 2000, after I dropped in on a calligraphy class with Monica Dengo during a free weekend over at Fort Mason. More of that still unfolding story is here.]

So this piece showed up when we were in the last exercise of the workshop. We were exploring the themes of imagination and hands, and after awhile doodling along, I made the mistake of looking up from my work and noticed everyone else at the table was working in color.

For just a moment I had a “complex”. Then immediately looked back down, put pen to paper, and prayed urgently to have it be somehow magically dispelled. This drawing came to my rescue.

When I shared it with the group, there were sighs and chuckles of recognition from others, and Ruth said, “Sometimes it takes hours to make it that simple .. and you did so many!”

My dinner guest (a specialist in life cycle analysis and matrix math and an as-yet-in-the-closet painter) requested a copy too. So I framed it for him as he’s off to the airport this morning, and now I’m posting it in case there’s anyone else out there who is in danger of keeping a color complex.

Big Bow September 10, 2009

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The bow was just too big, and tho’ she tried so hard to let her mom know it wouldn’t work, overtime, there was no hope for it and that’s why her life was so crooked under the weight of it all.

Big Bow

Big Bow