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WHY: To clear communication, cut through complexity, open access to new thinking and establish superior organization … see also: What Clients Say

linkedin_thumbnailWHO: Meet Yvonne … a smart, experienced professional … with a broad systems view, deep tech background, and a strong people sense … a skilled communicator with the ability to catalyze clarity and commitment.

WHAT: Fostering cooperation across boundaries and developing planning and execution capability within technical organizations … in an environment of dynamic change.

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WHEN: All else fails and it’s finally worth it to engage the best. See Indications it’s time to call Yvonne.

HOW: Via email now : ymburgess -at- gmail -dot- com.

Background …

Yvonne Burgess offers over 20 years experience in information systems, project management and organization development.  Throughout this time she has been responsible for strategic systems planning, software project management, and mentoring complex technical and organizational evolution.

Her background includes all phases of systems planning, design, development, implementation and operation in large and small, startup and mature, industrial, government and non-profit, local, national and international concerns. As a consultant she serves as a Planning Partner, Project Mentor, Strategic Thinking Advisor, Facilitator, and Senior Systems Consultant. (See also Partial Client List and What Clients Say)

Currently serving as Chief Systems Architect, for Four Twenty Seven. Formerly Chief Systems Architect, VP Client Services and VP Engineering at ClimateEarth.com; COO for Meedan, Inc.; COO and Co-Founder for Apisphere, Inc. And just for fun, instead of a resume, check out the mathematical formula for my life.



1. Rod E. Smith, MSMFT - April 20, 2006

Hello Yvonne –

I loved browsing your blog — your VOICE is very strong and clear……..!

I so long for the many women readers who read my newspaper column to find the voice they have so easily lost for the sake of “love.”

I found your blog through a link from Dr. Ellen.

Rod Smith

2. Yvonne - April 21, 2006

hmm … lost it for "love" – in my case it's been more like: "lost it, stuffed it, parked it, forgot it, painted it, fold/spindled/mutilated it for …" not love I think, maybe did so for "safety" is the only thing that comes …

thanks for getting me thinking … perhaps I'll blog this further …

see Lost My Voice for Love: An Inquiry into Intentional Inauthenticity

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