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Magic Fortune September 7, 2013

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Recently I did a collage of Chinese fortunes I’d found when helping a friend clear his home before moving years ago … and just sent it to him.

And he asked me why I did it.

I think they might have been in a basket in the kitchen or something, and just struck me as a collection … so I saved them and had intended to get them to him some day. I mean, he saved them so, they must have been important …

Why don’t we just read a fortune and then toss it? Sometimes, we read them aloud to our dinner partners, end with “… in bed!”, compare, have a good laugh … and leave them at the Chinese restaurant or toss them along with the take-out boxes.

But if there’s something in it, we keep them. Hope? Wonder? Perhaps an avoidance of the potential dire consequences should we fail to honor their oriental magic, fueled by the mystery of how this particular message could have come to us at this particular time and place … the trick our brain does to make it seem the “perfect message for me right now” … and those are the ones we keep. The magic ones.

As I look around, I’ve got a few I can point to right off … among the collection of items forming the centerpiece on my dining room table: “You will soon be visited by an old friend”. Taped to my drawing table at an angle where only I can see them and only when I’m actually sitting in the chair: “Don’t underestimate yourself. Your social skills are needed by others at this time.” (that one came with startup #2 of 4) and “You will receive unexpected support over the next week. Accept graciously.” I’m sure there are others lurking in my many books, jewelry drawer, kitchen and glove box.

And he asked me why I did return them? Well, obviously, It was because of the magic.

To return the magic that had surely been important at a time and place. I’m not sure if it still holds, but I gotta say, putting together the collage and then selecting the images to fill in did seem like the weaving together of powerful threads he had surely gathered, however done – whether jokingly during dinner parties, a lone night with late take-out, or purposely brought home from social outings of one type or another.

So that’s why I did it.

And now I’m wondering what other fortunes I have stashed here and there which are quietly doing their work … put in motion by an inner impetus stimulated into resonance with the universe.


Blog Off, Blog On: How Life Gets Full … Interruptions, Diversions and other seeming Eddies of Life October 9, 2007

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After nearly 6 months (yikes!) since I last posted, Mr. Miyagi’s voice, via friend Dave, is now ringing in my ears: “Blog off. Blog on.”

Lots happening, but not why blogging?

Open for Inquiry: Why do I do what I do and don’t do what I don’t do?

Provisional Conclusion: After some weeks of wondering: because I feel like it or don’t. Sadly, nothing else really seems to matter. And yes, there are different conditions in which I feel/don’t feel like doing.

Am now inquiring into:

  1. The art of practice, discipline, keeping with keeping on even when feeling/emotion/some say otherwise, and at the same time the profound wisdom of following body wisdom and “just doing the next indicated thing,” as Dad would say.
  2. Intentionally constructing my world for committed action. www.missioncontrol.com has been my starting place.
  3. How to know when a choice is a diversion. Sometimes I can tell what will occur later as an interruption, a side-trip from what’s the current “mission” of my life. And sometimes I can’t tell before or even as it is happening. Main trouble is that my mind is so supple in shifting viewpoint, it can make anything “fit” … before, during and after! So how am I to “tell” when an inner direction is “wisdom” vs. “wimp out”? Where is the line between “aligned” with my chief concerns of life and “not aligned”?


Tossing the Sofa: Productivity for 2006 + 8 months August 11, 2006

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After reading today’s Best Blog’s Unconventional Blogging Advice and Dorai’s post on subject blogging just now, I don’t feel so bad skipping out for the last two months!

But now I have a problem:

How to “recapture” for publication the thoughts and happenings that have enlivened my life during time which has passed?

I have snippets I’d caught and trapped now and then along the way, but the development of those ideas can now happen only minus the authentic verve and clarity of the moment of their birth. Mostly because I’m not the same person who had those ideas back then.


Back from Travel: Where’s the Wondering While I Wander? August 11, 2006

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I haven’t written for awhile — been out and about with more travel in the last few months than before.

And I still hadn’t handled the blogging on the road problem.

I can see that it’s a style issue, as well as a time and technology issue. Seems I do my best when I have a bit of intellectual space and time to wonder sufficiently – which if I try to do that as I wander, requires techno (or some skill) I’m simply not equipped with at this point.

Maybe a voice activated something, with nautral language audio input, plus a 3-D holographically displayed, visually edittable, low-power edit/publish application would do it. Something that allows me to drop a bit and then later push it around some, see how it pushes up against other thots – seems my thots are always itching to get close to one another or another’s thoughts. For me, that’s how the best new ones are birthed born.

Oh, and light-weight. Earlier this week, when considering my oversized luggage, the porter said, “Ah 35 lbs … plus what? 7 pairs of shoes?” When I confessed it was the motorcycle jacket (from Ventura Leather, the best!) and boots destined for a two-wheel moonlight romp, he appreciated the predicament and let me slide without paying extra, so I decided to keep quiet about the other 5 pairs. How do those guys know these things?

Now I’m home – for awhile. So will attempt to clear out some of the draft topics that have percolated in the last months. I promise to be a better blogger and not take the entire summer off!

Potential Future Topic: Thought Porn: the mechanics of invention of new thinking

On What a Life is For and Finding My Voice March 6, 2006

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In my first Master’s level course, it was “Management 101”, the professor opened the evening asking us to provide some basic background info on ourselves, including the answer to: “What is your most important value?” He used to ask: “Who are you?” but it didn’t net much useful response because people were simply too young to answer.

When my sister was about 15, she worried: “I just don’t know what I want to be when I grow up!” So I gave her the professor’s take on it:

“Don’t worry; you’re not anybody yet.”

Being “in the make” is a tough spot when all that’s around you is pulling for a two-dimensional answer (What? No business card?) to a clearly multi-dimensional question. It’s probably best to put off the answer for as long as you can. (more…)

Location, Location, Location: Blogging in Place February 23, 2006

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I’m having a problem. I want to blog. I can think of a million things to write about. I have ideas. I have brilliant notions. I want to share and connect and see what others are writing.

And I’m not at the computer.

I’m on my way to the shower because my schedule says I’m due somewhere in a few hours. I’ve got emails to respond to. I’m on the BART train. I’m walking in downtown SF. I’m doing the laundry or headed to Starbucks. I’m parking. I’ve got my hands full, and the handbag slung over my shoulder is stuffed with stuff to deal with on the way to and from wherever my Almighty Agenda tells me I will be today.

Now I wish I had a Blackberry – but that would take two hands. I suppose I could voice mail it somewhere. Or maybe I need a voice activated techno-something or other. (more…)

Get Naked, Get Free: Blogging Toward Better Business February 21, 2006

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I started reading Naked Conversations last Saturday after the TechCrunch5 event. I’d only met co-author Scoble less than 2 months ago and have been blogging unsteadily since then.

But I’m already recommending the book to CEOs and business owners I know because it does such a good job of clearly relating the possibility of blogging and the benefits of the porous membrane for businesses of all kinds. And I’m only half way through it.

But mostly I’m just relieved, really, to be reading writing that’s so fresh, straight, relevant and common sense.

These guys are real people, just sharing about what works: being in communication with people. And that includes dealing with all the squishiness of being human, working with humans, being in unpredictable and uncontrollable business environments, and being unpredictable and uncontrollable humans themselves. They present a refreshingly real conversation and invite everyone to jump in. And that’s completely doable. (more…)