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pro.fess, v. 1. to affirm openly: declare or claim, 2. to make a pretense of, 3. to claim skill in or knowledge of, 4. to affirm belief in, 5. to receive into a religious order

pro.fes.sion, n. 1. an occupation or vocation requiring training in the liberal arts or the sciences and advanced study in a specialized field, 2. the body of qualified persons of one specific occupation or field, 3. the act or an instance of professsing: declaration; claim, 4. an avowal of faith in a religion.

un.pro.fes.sion.al, adj. 1. a. not in a profession, b. not a qualified member of a professional group, 2. not conforming to the standards of a profession, 3. amateurish

am.a.teur, n. 1. a person who engages in any art, science, study, or athletic activity as a pastime rather than as a profession, 2. an athlete who has never participated in competition for money or a livelihood. [French from Latin amator, a lover, from amare, to love

So here, I will say something of what I love …

it’s late now, another day, but soon ..cc



1. iceburner - July 30, 2007

Dearest Yvonne!

How IS the meditation now? wink wink

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