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Stand By May 20, 2016

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Monday I’m going in for my first audition, five years after completing Meisner Technique training with Jim Jarrett in SF. I needed a one minute “contrasting piece” and it came through this morning. For Sondra Anne … who’s grandma Mimi passed last month.


Aw, sweetie …yeah, your Mimi’s gonna go … soon.
But honey, those Mormon talk about Family don’t know the half of it.
“Now I know better” she told me.
“Eternity is a circle.”


That’s why she needs you … and your momma … because you make her circle.
Your daddy “have to work” “cost money to fly out” … Your auntie crazy with lawyers and bank … accusations … banging on doors and calling the sheriff.
You stand by baby… you stand by …
You got backbone … the only one standing.
“I love you big as the sky.”


Somebody go out there, you’re sure to see them again.
“Something that goes on forever must be a circle,” she said.
It’s hard, baby … but you stand by.