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Tues Days August 15, 2011

Posted by Yvonne in Distinctions, Poems.

Tuesday (Listeni/ˈtjuːzd/ or /ˈtjuːzdi/ or /ˈtzd/) is a day of the week occurring after Monday and before Wednesday. According to international standard ISO 8601, it is the second day of the week, although in some traditions it is the third.

“Tuesdays are only one of the types of days there are

You may also encounter during your life-time plenty of other types

So if any particular Tuesday causes or seems to bring undue grief or dis-stress, take heart:

for a Tuesday can be and usually is the harbinger of one or other of those other types of days for which you yearn for-getting the fact that on any particular Tuesday you are in fact and irreversibly moving directly in line to-ward such a future of other types of days that, should you obtain to the faintest inkling of, you would have to in a moment of joyous fright faint immediately at the expansive and illuminating opening surely coming to-ward you via this very specific and particular Tuesday in which you feel so mistakenly unfortunate to currently occur.

This I’ll warrant you from the depths of my soul, which, as you know is in fact and in matter immeasurably and irreconcilably deep.

Yours, truly (for whose else would I be?)

Auntie Scoot”



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