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Legend Passed: Angelblurt July 4, 2013

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About two weeks ago I was thinking, “I should stop by and see Doug” … and I didn’t make the time.

This morning, of course, it’s too late.

Yesterday’s post about ex-pressing appreciations is apt.

Nothing more to say … other than I’ll never forget the fun we had playing with each others’ names.

Doug was complaining that people were always misspelling his name, and so I started teasing him about it and turned Engelbart into Angelburp, Dangleparts and all kinds of other goofy expressions. We came up with the idea of him working with kids around innovation … we called them Angle-blurts – you just see if you can look from a new angle and then blurt out what you found!

Then he messed with my name calling me: Eve on Bridges, which was actually apropos of why he called me to work with him: an ability to listen that allows communication across boundaries. I had such a great time with him that day that I was smiling and pondering and creating as I was driving along, missed my exit and found myself heading across the Bay Bridge – had to get off on Treasure Island to turn around – made me laugh because he had called that one so well.

What a day. People really do make a difference for each other … in the most momentary ways.


Krankin March 2, 2012

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I just now found out that a dear friend passed … 2.5 years ago … and I didn’t even know it till now.

How does that happen?

This morning I’m listening to some music he gave me… and just about to write him a note of thanks, was hunting for his email (since I just changed computers) when I found this

Bummer. Major. I’m feeling it.

Somehow I thought that he was always with me. That I could call and share anytime. That next time he was up in Berkeley he’d bring me those amazingly fragrant lilies for the dining room and complain that my piano was out of tune.

Conversations we’d had and trusting he was there kept me going through the sometimes very hard times of my first year in acting school. What he told me about being an artist and the encouragement he was for me in that world are immeasurable. Who he was as a dedicated artist. What he said to me about my gift. How he sang my poetry back to me and asked for more. How could I have lost touch with him in life so completely? Damn.

Too many dear ones, too far afield. And my days are too filled with “busyness” to be with all those whose memories pass my thoughts daily.

The world is suddenly much too large.

And the moments of connection much too infrequent.

I need a village.

Oh, the song I’m listening to  … over and over and over again for the last 3 hours? “People Get Ready

2/17 TechCrunch 5: Naked Conversations and the Impact of a Life February 20, 2006

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Once a Geek … : It’s been so, so long since I was at a real geek party; last Saturday’s TechCrunch was definitely it. Took me back … damn, I love those brilliant, edgy propeller heads! But I’m sooo out of circulation!!

My date was Doug Engelbart and NextNow’s Bill Daul played chauffeur. We met up with other NextNowers Betsy Burroughs and Jeff Saperstein who brought along Dr. Frederic Jallat from the European School of Management. Other than these, of the 400 or so guests, I’d previously met only Scoble the elder and the younger, and so had the pleasure of meeting Shel Israel and Scoble the grand elder that night. Sweet. (more…)

EVENT: (Fri 1/20 6:30PM Pacific) Collective IQ with Doug Englebart January 19, 2006

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Doug Englebart an innovator at the source of the computing revolution is remarkable man and all about leveraging leverage, improving improvement networks and much more. 

in person event in Palo Alto: http://www.futuresalon.org/
online event at Second Life: http://slfuturesalon.blogs.com/second_life_future_salon/2006/01/doug_engelbart_.html#comment-12954735

“Imagine what we can do together”. – DE