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Artist Alive … Drawing Down

There I was, dateless in Boise. Friday the 8th of December 2000. Dining at Desert Sage (a lovely restaurant which went out of existence there) because I’d been held over on a consulting assignment we had to go into the weekend to complete.

The hostess walked by, and out of the corner of my eye I thought I saw her carrying what looked like sheet music. So, having taken a calligraphy class just for fun a few weeks prior, I felt inspired to “draw” some music. You know, lines and staffs and notes … and so humming lazily to myself over dessert, I filled up 4 blank pages.

but then it didn’t stop! I soon ran out of all the paper I had with me and then just had to do something!

Over the next 3 weeks, what can only be understood as a “download” amounted to 1000 drawings. I was like an addict, consulting by day, but off hours, I was driven: wearing out pens, scoping the art stores as soon as I got to a new city, loading up on paper and pens multiple times per week, getting really picky about whether the ink was going to smudge or not and the feel of the paper as the pen drew the ink across it.

I was shameless. Drawing in the planes, in the hotels, at stop lights, whenever there was a break, I didn’t care where. They’d come with stories and sometimes not. Sometimes I knew the story as the drawing unfolded and sometimes it would come later. Sometimes the drawing would come upside down, or the paper would be turning during the drawing so it wasn’t clear which end was up. And the subject matter is just plain human. You’ll see.

They don’t take long to come and I never really know what I’m drawing. I haven’t been trained, after all. My 8th grade art teacher seriously dampened my enthusiasm many years back by passing the critical judgment on my work as “not exactly what I had in mind.”

Mostly they are one-liners, ala Picasso’s One Liners. And these drawings also have a kinship with Brian Andreas’ StoryPeople.

So here’s a little bit to show for it … there’s much much more. Maybe a book or a gallery one day … I’ve scanned them into topic areas like: Adventure, Art, Characters, Concepts, Family, Fashion, Friendship and Romance.

there are times when the right accessory makes all the difference in the world

Right Accessory

Right Accessory



1. Joel Anderson - April 29, 2006


I still have your artwork hanging on my wall. Remember? Me not wearing the armour anymore! Not being the Knight in shinning armour!

Your artwork is like a good lyric in a song that conveys and empowers the listener to see their own life through the experience of the song. You know, open to interpretation!

That’s where genius begins and ends.

Keep it up!!!!!!!


2. Yvonne - August 5, 2009

I’m finally getting them up … you will find The Drawings posted in my category: Drawings … here: https://ymburgess.wordpress.com/category/drawings/

3. Color Complex – coming out as an artist « Conscious Connections - September 27, 2009

[…] [The Drawings started in Dec 2000, after I dropped in on a calligraphy class with Monica Dengo during a free weekend over at Fort Mason. More of that still unfolding story is here.] […]

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