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What Clients Say …

“I can rely on you for your calm presence. Brings me into the now.” — Reverand for a United Congregational Church

“It didn’t take long for me to decide I wanted you to work with you. I saw a connection, a level of enthusiasm and ‘getting it’ that’s more significant than knowing your credentials.”  — non-profit leader

“I’d been told that the job of this Board is to teach me to be a CEO. I’m finally learning that – and it’s coming from you.” — first time CEO

“She helps me think well.” — inventor, social architect

“I’ve seen her in action and done a lot of facilitation on my own, but Yvonne has a way of helping people pull ideas out and makes it look effortless.” — project manager

“Yvonne is a friend and colleague with whom I’ve worked during my incarnation as a consultant to emerging technology companies.  She’s been involved in a variety of projects with us, but most notably those that required in large measure the understanding of people, their informal organizations and the formalities of introducing new technology or negotiating the creation of altogether new organizational structures.” — owner, Venture Management firm

“You’re the best help anyone could hope for in setting up an organization.” —  manager, Program Management Office for a governmental interagency consortium

“Yvonne was a critical and strategic asset for the company. Her expertise and work were very much appreciated by her co-workers and customers alike. Highly recommended.” — director of international partnerships for a software design tools company

“After you left on Monday, we were discussing what would happen on Thursday evening.  [A team member] said she knew it would take a miracle to pull off the evening.  Thank you for your ongoing, excellent work. You are a miracle. Looking forward to our next event together.” — member, executive’s special projects team, global transformational education company

“What’s cool about working with Yvonne is that you can take one concept and grow it until it is everyone’s concept.” — team leader, regional technology innovation and exploration team of a federal governmental agency

“The time I spent with you was uplifting and upgrading, and it really moved my conversation forward. You are powerful, committed and brilliant.” — small business owner

“I appreciate your simplicity and brilliance. I am present to your commitment to me knowing myself and to project management and the opportunity it provides for people to show up and make their contribution.” — candidate, Project Management Professional

“You are SO great. Thank you for standing there and looking at me with your amazingly bright eyes and reminding me of my power. This offer is a direct result of your support, and I am deeply grateful.” — director of operations, international non-profit

“Thank you so much for our talk of yesterday.  I loved your ruthless digging. I could tell you were having fun, and it really made me think. I just love how I am embracing this.  At this time last year I could not have touched this, now it’s my favorite thing to do. That 7 stage model worked wonders.” — President, CEO of an international business mentoring consultancy

“Your coaching re: the mission statement and how to develop outcomes and measures from there was very insightful.” -– director of a regional non-profit

“It occurs to me that I never acknowledged the brilliant job you did on memorializing the work of the two days we spent on with the group. I’ve seen a lot of meeting documentation in my career, and I was blown away by the care and creativity brought to that work.” –- team lead for executive’s special projects team for a global transformational educational corporation

“That was easy. You just solved three or four of my major issues in 15 minutes. You’re great. You’re right on the button.” – business person in transition re: creating what’s next

“We just want to keep coming back! Thanks for all your guidance and remarkable clarity with not only the content, but the space for us to work together as an empowering team!” — team member, special projects team

“Many thanks for all your help with our new board formation.  It was good to get so many of the lines of authority and communication clear.  For the first time in all the years I’ve been here at [], I felt really supported and also really clear on the “decision space” and activity scope.  I feel like we can finally operate the way [the founder] meant for us to! … Thanks so much for helping us through this. Your objectivity and skill cleared away so many of the cobwebby snags left over from years gone by.” — editor-in-chief, publications group of an international non-profit

“Yvonne was so very effective as our meeting leader. Her timelines were ALWAYS on track…it was a miracle of precision–what Yvonne wrote, came to pass….Very powerful way to be in a team work session.” — member, special projects team

“Gotta say that the project wouldn’t of happened without your assistance, guidance, and thoughtfulness. Thank you very much. I feel a lot less overwhelmed – sometimes, like you said, it only takes a conversation.” — project manager, nation-wide federal/state interagency GIS standards project

“You were there validating what I was doing. And oftentimes, that’s all I need is someone listening that’s not saying: ‘You missed this or this or this.’ Or ‘What about doing this or this or this?’ But in the quiet, what was happening was just totally and utterly validated and made perfect. There were times when what I needed was someone without their own agenda. And I’d come back [to the back of the room], and it would have been fine with me just to stand next to you, but I needed an excuse so I’d say something to you. Every once in awhile I’d think, ‘Yeah Yvonne.’ And I’d go back and you’d be there. You’d be there. There’s nothing I wanted to say to you. There’s nothing I wanted you to say to me – other than anything that was missed or could be added or could be created [to improve the course]. So it was perfect when there was nothing to be said. ” — executive in charge of program design and developmental courses for a worldwide personal development enterprise



1. Dr. Mohamed Taher - July 9, 2006

Congrats. Yours is really a creative title and excellent visualization.

I wish I had been so innovative with blog title as you are.

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