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Everything Else, a Poem from Peru May 9, 2008

Posted by Yvonne in Continuity of Source, Dynamics of Resistance, Evolution of We, Indirect Approach.
A poem written by a friend of mine last year during a two week spiritual retreat in Peru … now, for you.
Everything Else
By Brian McFadin
The way to live fully is to die fully in every moment.
Letting go, inhale the goddess that she may dance you drunk with music.
Everything else is just an illusion.
Carry forgiveness in your heart. Love, pray and let go.
All people are known for their magnificence and contribution.
Everything else is just romance.
Die to the siren songs of the mind to live new and free, giving nothing impeccably.
Stillness, the perfect gift.
Everything else is just resistance.
Listening is dying to give being.
Remaining dead, stay close to life whispering love songs in her ear.
Everything else is just hope.
Use your attachments as kindling to light a fire in the heart of mankind.
Take your trident and compass and trade them in for a pure and open heart.
Everything else is just intoxication.
Give thanks to god for the mystery and beauty of your brothers and sisters.
Bless, serve and open with him into the breast of the awesome and loving mother.
Everything else is just waiting in the dark.
Life has always already completely arrived,
and you can go only so far as you can bring everyone with you in your broken heart.
Everything else is just a nightmare.
You are an elder at home in the stars,
Prepared to die honorably as a warrior-sage.
I trust you.
Everything else is just blowing in the wind.


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