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Success Factors for Implementing Change February 22, 2008

Posted by Yvonne in Dynamics of Resistance, Frameworks and Focus, Power of Dialogue.
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A friend asked this question via LinkedIn :

Question Details:
How do you implement changes with 100% success?

What are the most frequently overlooked change success factors?

And here’s my off-the-top-of-the-head response:

Authorship: When someone feels the change is theirs, they will make it work.

Partnership: When people feel they are pulling for a common goal, they will make it work.

Ongoing sensing and adjustment: When we keep in touch with a changing reality, we have a better chance of having things go the way we wish them to. “Strategy disolves when the first shot is fired.”

Oh! re: “frequently overlooked” –
Select to change something in the direction it is already going – anyone who wants to have the ice caps melt may win right now. Easier to find a parade and get in front of it.

Say you want as the change what is already the case but just hasn’t been seen yet. When we call out an existing but hidden reality, then it comes into view, we say there is a “change” but not in reality, only in viewing. Sometimes that is much easier than changing reality.

So what is interesting is that I at first, missed the full question, assuming I knew what he was asking. Then what’s interesting next is that both my tips in response to the actual question he asked were about being in touch with reality in a way that when that insight is shared with others the recognition of the “new” fact or reality occurs to them as a “change”.


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