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Blog Off, Blog On: How Life Gets Full … Interruptions, Diversions and other seeming Eddies of Life October 9, 2007

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After nearly 6 months (yikes!) since I last posted, Mr. Miyagi’s voice, via friend Dave, is now ringing in my ears: “Blog off. Blog on.”

Lots happening, but not why blogging?

Open for Inquiry: Why do I do what I do and don’t do what I don’t do?

Provisional Conclusion: After some weeks of wondering: because I feel like it or don’t. Sadly, nothing else really seems to matter. And yes, there are different conditions in which I feel/don’t feel like doing.

Am now inquiring into:

  1. The art of practice, discipline, keeping with keeping on even when feeling/emotion/some say otherwise, and at the same time the profound wisdom of following body wisdom and “just doing the next indicated thing,” as Dad would say.
  2. Intentionally constructing my world for committed action. www.missioncontrol.com has been my starting place.
  3. How to know when a choice is a diversion. Sometimes I can tell what will occur later as an interruption, a side-trip from what’s the current “mission” of my life. And sometimes I can’t tell before or even as it is happening. Main trouble is that my mind is so supple in shifting viewpoint, it can make anything “fit” … before, during and after! So how am I to “tell” when an inner direction is “wisdom” vs. “wimp out”? Where is the line between “aligned” with my chief concerns of life and “not aligned”?

And a bit of thinking about How Life “Gets” Full:

  • I put things in on purpose.
  • I let things in sloppily.
  • Things put themselves in when I’m looking.
  • Things sneak in when I’m not looking.
  • Things that are in grow larger in time and space and mass.
  • People I care about put things in.
  • People I don’t care about put things in.
  • The government put things in.
  • Some bot gets my email ID and starts replicating mostly irrelevant and uninteresting things to put in.
  • Time puts things in.
  • I get farther “into” something that is already in and forget to come back out, which has the effect of it overtaking my time and space.
  • Things that are in invite and pull other things to come in.
  • I have a conversation with a friend, get a new idea or awareness that opens up a whole new and interesting avenue of pursuit. Then I go to Amazon.com or the bookstore and come home with new worlds to explore. Net: Amazon and Google find ways to intice me to put more things in.
  • I say “yes” to something.
  • I say “no” to something – yes, incredibly this sometimes results in more “things getting in” my life – sheesh!
  • My life gets “bigger” – like some kind of expansion of concern, and then a whole new bunch of stuff shows up to include.
  • I relax, and notice that there’s more here I didn’t really realize was already in.
  • My care puts more things in. If I didn’t care, stuff would just bounce off.

There’s more writing to come, no doubt, and potentially not in the so far future … and some catching up regrading activities of last 6 months as well.

Potential additional future inquiries: Essence and Presence, The Art of Practice


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