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Waking Up, Summer Gone – now a magical moment of making April 15, 2007

Posted by Yvonne in PhD I'm not doing now.

I wrote this last year. Now, looking forward to another summer coming, I wonder: What will I do on my summer vacation? 

And now it was September …

I haven’t been in the garden. The pears are past and the apples now fall. Berries are still happening, and the figs are valiantly pushing for October.

I didn’t ride my bike. The Vespa never came out to play. Guests and people in my life came and went. Some real surprises there, actually.

I hiked. I lay on the beach. I visited the gorges. I smelled the dusty pines and drove fast with the top down. I danced, drank (yes – a new leaf!), and carried on. I cried. I was angry and loving. I laughed heartily and worked my butt off. I travelled way more than expected. My fingernails are toast. I upgraded along the lines of a couple of health issues. I missed seeing family as much as I would have liked to.

And RE: the renovation so well aimed at, I haven’t fired a single shot.

I’m home alone again.

Time seems strange. How can the summer be both gone AND approaching?

Now for the future … to Summer 2007, a prediction:

The Vespa came out to play. I got a new skirt, little red flats, a scarf, and flirted.

ALL the rooms were painted and ALL the windows and doors refreshed. The floors finally found their own lovely selves, and “house yoga” is now mostly an historical reference. The garden transformed into a productive lovely respite of a wonder. All systems are “go”.

I got some dust in my face at some surprising and far distant place.

The money came rolling in, effortlessly, of course. And mostly due to the killer combo of my 1) clear and conscious looking at exactly what the heck I’ve been doing in this area for lo these several, lackadaisically langorous years … plus 2) finally cleaning out ALL my closets and jouisting to the death all current and past dust balls!!

There were plenty of warm hugs, starry nights, campfires, beaches, sailing, popcorn, laughter, sun, and more than one shamelessly sexy bikinis.

I rested, tested, and reset. I loved, lived, and laundered.

The casbah came to life on my rooftop.

I read Shakespeare and played more piano than I had in all the years past.

My hair grew longer, and for at least awhile, I had (a whiff) of my signature pony tail again.

I went to plays, enjoyed live music, and wore my lovely fancy dresses with all the decoration I could muster – just for fun.

The Drawings came out of hiding, in the new clear Art Space made upstairs. The creative Call began to be more fully answered.

Future Inquiries: So what did you do on your summer vacation? So what will you do on your summer vacation?



1. jimsky7 - April 24, 2007

Priorities. As things change for us (external forces, internal forces) we all have to make decisions about what to attend to and what to ignore. The Vespa got ignored. The piano got a workout.

It’s hard to let go of the feeling that “I lost the opportunity to do X this year” but by letting go of that and attending to the “I got to do Y” you gain a new perspective. Change *can* be turned into a “good thing.”

But it can be gut-wrenching giving up those hopes.

2. Yvonne - July 3, 2007

Summer really is just gone here in Sydney. It’s that in-between time. Not Fall – we don’t have one. A peaceful time. No more struggle to keep things from ending and before the struggle to start something new.

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