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Tossing the Sofa: Productivity for 2006 + 8 months August 11, 2006

Posted by Yvonne in beginner blogger, Dynamics of Resistance, Power of Dialogue.

After reading today’s Best Blog’s Unconventional Blogging Advice and Dorai’s post on subject blogging just now, I don’t feel so bad skipping out for the last two months!

But now I have a problem:

How to “recapture” for publication the thoughts and happenings that have enlivened my life during time which has passed?

I have snippets I’d caught and trapped now and then along the way, but the development of those ideas can now happen only minus the authentic verve and clarity of the moment of their birth. Mostly because I’m not the same person who had those ideas back then.

Witness this starter from early Jan 06, last sentence added feebly at end of Jan 06:

“More than 20 years it was with me. It wasn’t in bad shape, but coming back from Oregon over the end of the year holidays, the energy in my office was way too stuck and something just had to go.

So I hauled the loveseat out of the office, and the sofa and extra chair out of sitting room. Over the next few hours, even though the electricity went off in the storm, I got through both Not Doing Now piles and into a third.

Marsha would say it’s just Feng Shui at work.

Then came the 8 rooms of old carpet, hauled up and out the last Saturday of January.”

That’s all I wrote at a time that was the beginning of a couple key turning points in my life in this home of 8+ years. Other incidents, later in May were linked somehow too to this launchpoint for the ejection of stuff, people, and other historical sludge from the particular points on our galactic space-time continuum which my consciousness then occupied.

And all that movement and energy release has opened fresh new physical and psychic space, new opportunities for clarity, creation and expansion. Basically, moving the stuff and making first one clear decision (I’m leaving this place) and then reversing that choice (I’m staying here for as long as I can see) really kicked some butt in the “getting off my duff” department.

But now, from here, 8 months later … I’m sure I can’t possibly capture that dynamic even remotely perfectly. Darn, have I completely missed the boat on all those great shares? All that insight and revelation? Have those pearls of learning just fallen by the wayside, a neglected opportunity to harvest the best of life?

How the hell can one live and share a life at the same time? Writing/blogging is one way, but damn it’s flat. So I work at learning my language, and stretching it or or conjuring somehow from that poetic place that would somehow free ideas, honoring their original form, from the bounds of space-time-language.

… and I find this conversation throwing me back into one of the basic challenges and pursuits of my life:

How is it possible to be in communication?

As George Bernard Shaw says: “The single biggest problem with communication is the illusion that it has taken place.”

Alas, the sun is coming up and now, it’s time to start the day …



1. jaycross - August 16, 2006

Yvonne, I can identify with the problem. My suggestion is to not confuse your blog with your mind. Think back to when you didn’t even have a blog… not that far back in time.

I see you’re reading The Moment of Complexity. I found Mark Taylor. This was a mind-expander for me.

“I, Mark C. Taylor, am not writing this book. Yet the book is being written. It is as if I were the screen through which the words of others flow and on which they are displayed. Words, thoughts, ideas are never precisely my own; they are always borrowed rather than possessed. I am, as it were, their vehicle. Though seeming to use language, symbols, and images, they use me to promote their circulation and extend their lives. The flux of information rushing through my mind as well as my body (I am not sure where one ends and the other begins) existed before me and will continue on flowing long after I am gone. “My” thougths–indeed “my” self–appears to be a transient eddy in a river whose banks are difficult to discern”

Wow. That’s one hell of a paragraph. I read it three times. Web without a weaver. Nothing new under the sun. Reproducing, not producing. Nobody will re-engineer this one. Unless they look at it as denial of responsibility. Or taking on a new religion which submerges the individual. Or Mark smoking something.

Back to blogging (I’m not totally emergent), Mark writes:

“Writing, it seems, is the obsession of the possessed. For the possessed, writing is a search for je ne sais quoi.”

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