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Back from Travel: Where’s the Wondering While I Wander? August 11, 2006

Posted by Yvonne in beginner blogger.

I haven’t written for awhile — been out and about with more travel in the last few months than before.

And I still hadn’t handled the blogging on the road problem.

I can see that it’s a style issue, as well as a time and technology issue. Seems I do my best when I have a bit of intellectual space and time to wonder sufficiently – which if I try to do that as I wander, requires techno (or some skill) I’m simply not equipped with at this point.

Maybe a voice activated something, with nautral language audio input, plus a 3-D holographically displayed, visually edittable, low-power edit/publish application would do it. Something that allows me to drop a bit and then later push it around some, see how it pushes up against other thots – seems my thots are always itching to get close to one another or another’s thoughts. For me, that’s how the best new ones are birthed born.

Oh, and light-weight. Earlier this week, when considering my oversized luggage, the porter said, “Ah 35 lbs … plus what? 7 pairs of shoes?” When I confessed it was the motorcycle jacket (from Ventura Leather, the best!) and boots destined for a two-wheel moonlight romp, he appreciated the predicament and let me slide without paying extra, so I decided to keep quiet about the other 5 pairs. How do those guys know these things?

Now I’m home – for awhile. So will attempt to clear out some of the draft topics that have percolated in the last months. I promise to be a better blogger and not take the entire summer off!

Potential Future Topic: Thought Porn: the mechanics of invention of new thinking



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