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The Life of a Human: Blogging in Public February 12, 2006

Posted by Yvonne in beginner blogger, Evolution of We.

I have no clue what a blog is really for. I’m thinking it’s just a bunch of drivvel. Folks carrying on and commenting on one another’s drivvel and carrying on, ad infinitum. A house of mirrors of commentary, conversation, exposition and expressions of, as Barlow says, the Holy Who Knows. A pure and brilliant explosion of humanity unleashed …

There’s a curious sense of immortality or omnipresence one senses as one enters the blogosphere. Are there really 101 million bloggers out there … in only WordPress land? Where are they? Can I see them? Can (will) they see me?

So spurred by camdenlady, I’m back … again … and then I saw chris’ post about my posts. Who are these people? Where did they come from? Why should I care? Do they know me? Apparently. Yikes! How is this world so darn connected while we (I!) haven’t a whiff of a clue?!?

Yes, I’ve been absent again for a bit. A few things have happened in this life.

Haven’t yet finished the notes on January’s Dialogues – will post when available.

Then last weekend I dropped the top and took the Porsche down the coast to Del Mar.

  • Visited with dear friend Robert the entrepreneur in LA, and had conversations about listening and acknowledgement, being willing vs. will-full, bridging the future to now, giving one’s self over to the specific and critical assignment one has in life.
  • Spent the weekend with Kaaren and the Body Feng Shui ladies in Del Mar, and explored unveiling that precious You that somehow gets masked when we are “civilized” … turned into one owing allegience somehow…

civilized: having a highly developed society and culture; of, pertaining to, or characteristic of a people or nation so developed; polite or cultured; urbane; refined.

civil: of, pertianing to, or befitting citizens or the citizen as an individual; of or pertaining to citizens and their relations with one another or with the state.

citizen: a person owing loyalty to and entitled by birth or naturalization to the protection of a given state.

  • Then on the way back north, I stopped just outside LA for lunch with a friend, a long time singer/songwriter, and we sat around inquiring into expression as a phenomenon, and marvelling at why, as a species and in general, we’re so little allowing ourselves to be real: an unencumbered expression of the Divine, and how there’s no way you’ll find your sound if you keep looking outside yourself and comparing.

I can’t tell you the value of people in the world, and the value and richness in life of actually seeing who’s around. You’re just going to have to discover that for yourselves. And guess I’ll just have to keep writing.


1. Neo Aplin - February 14, 2006

Hi Yvonne,

I believe that blogging is all about communication and dialogue to create a connection between people, and even perhaps an avenue to self discovery.

I found your blog two days ago – quite by accident! But there’s something about your writing (and therefore your thinking) that I feel I connect with and interests me. You ask in this post whether your blog readers know you – I’m not sure if people truly do ‘know’ anyone…but, perhaps, over time we will be lucky to get to know you better.

So keep on writing – I look forward to reading your posts.

2. Conscious Connections » Being Known, Then Loved; Time, Space and Gravity - February 14, 2006

[…] Aussie Neo says maybe there’s no way we’ll ever ‘know’ each other. Maybe we just ‘know better’ each other … which has now got me thinking again, a good thing – I think. know: 1. to perceive directly with the senses or mind; apprehend with clarity and certainty; 2. to be certain of; regard or accept as true beyond doubt; 3. To be capable of; have the skill to; 4. to have a practical understanding of or thorough experience with; 5. to be subjected to; to experience; 6. to have firmly secured in the mind or memory; 7. to be able to distinguish; recognize; 8. to be acquainted or familiar with. […]

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