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You’re Happy, What’s Wrong With You? January 27, 2006

Posted by Yvonne in Evolution of We, Power of Dialogue.

It was only a few minutes conversation. I was sitting in a coffee joint last evening, reviewing some papers submitted for the upcoming Conference for Global Transformation.

The young woman a seat away, was fumbling in her backpack. She’d spilled something and needed to wash it out. “Would you watch this stuff for me? I’ll be right back.” “Sure,” I said, “Will it do anything interesting?” We laughed. When she returned, there was a bit more banter in fun, then she said, “You’re happy, what’s wrong with you?”

That Dead blog that hasn’t let me alone since I wrote it, and I replied, quite deliberately and with a big smile, “I’m alive.”

She stopped cold.

“Right. You’re alive.” she replied. Then, after a bit, said, “I’ll never forget that. ‘I’m alive.'” Then, while gathering her things to go, confided, “You know, I wasn’t feeling so well today, but I’m feeling better now. I think I’ll go home and take a bath.” “And it will be good for you, and you’ll enjoy it.” I said quietly. She didn’t say more, and left the place surrounded in her own thoughts.

I was astounded. Another gal who had witnessed this, and I looked at each other. The young woman told us: “I’ll never forget that: ‘I’m alive.'” And we wondered together for a moment: Who will she be?

One connection, one comment. A life transformed. Wow.

As a dear friend has said:

“One conversation can transform a life. A transformed life will transform the world.” – B. Regnier, CGT 2005

Pratice: Lift someone with your words or smile today. See someone.



1. Steve Cabrera - February 5, 2006

Yvonne, your life is poetry

2. Yvonne - February 14, 2006

Thanks, Steve.

I remember in the Partnership Explorations course we were challenged to say something that had never been said. The only thing I could think of was poetry. I really appreciate the acknowledgement. Seems I may be on the right track.

Thanks too for who you be in the world: You lift us all.

3. yzed - February 14, 2006

thanks for that little slice of life.
– giovanni

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