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Surrendering to the Call of Community January 23, 2006

Posted by Yvonne in beginner blogger, Dynamics of Resistance, Evolution of We, Power of Dialogue.

Benson posted a feed to my blog at LiveJournal. I have no clue where that goes or how it works, but I guess that just provides access to the conversation for another community, another avenue for search? or whatever? Thanks, bud!

Mostly, I continue to be surprised that I have so much to write about and also that folks are interested what I’m writing. What a surprise … too fun!

Humbling and inspiring, really – and it’s getting me to give up being stingy with what Spirit has to get through me into the world. (And it’s so darn easy; WordPress is a breeze, thanks to Scoble’s tip-off.)

So although I suppose The Holy Who Knows (Barlow‘s very cool name for It) can probably even use a rock to get any job done, I’m taking a tip from my Dad, and saying it this way:

To the best of my inability and unwillingness … I hereby surrender to life and the call of my community.

I have no clue what I’m doing, but perhaps it’s better that way, LOL! I’m here for good. You will see more, and more, and more …

I’m interested in people being in dialogue, in authentic communication. And I’m starting with me. Whatever can come through, I promise to allow as much as I can. Feeding forward … in love.

Potential Future Inquiries: Choosing the Virtual Life


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