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Signs of Life January 23, 2006

Posted by Yvonne in Distinctions.

Reflecting on the How You Know You’re Dead post, I can see that I still am not completely clear on when I’m really, really dead. Seems like if there’s the slightest response, then there actually is some life there. Like being irritated, or noticing something.  So that is what we are investigating here …

  • Screaming children.
  • You finally notice that the pain in your back is related to sitting on your wallet, or crossing your legs while at your desk, or being a tall person bending to get into a dinky little car. Or maybe it’s those high heeled shoes.
  • You see the splotches and drips on the fridge shelf.
  • You go investigate that intermittent bump in the night and find there’s a window that a guest from weeks ago didn’t quite shut fully.
  • You do laundry on the day the last undies are used.
  • You check the t.p. before going into the stall.
  • You stand back to let the folks who are in the elevator or subway come out first.

And maybe there are items on the Dead list that should be moved here. Nominees?


1. T K - March 19, 2006

You care- even about the most minute thing. Did you consciously step over a little few blades of grass growing in a crack of the sidewalk? Did you whoosh a little fly-bug away instead of swatting it? Did you have a thought of how “nice” a cloud looked or a small flower of a weed was?

As the miracle worker in the movie “the Princess Bride” said, “Mostly dead is slightly alive” and therefore able to be brought back to some life and eventually the fullness of life before the consumation of “all dead”.

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