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Blog for Disruption and The Porous Membrane January 23, 2006

Posted by Yvonne in Distinctions, Dynamics of Resistance, Indirect Approach.

Another big thanks to Scoble for the tip on Hugh MacLeod. Found his impact of blogging for business and the porous membrane useful. The cartoons are cool too.

Reminds me of a lecture Bruce Lipton gave to the AMA sometime back. I saw a video of it and it was mindblowing. He talked about  how biology is responsive to environment at the DNA level, cells respond to perception and all that. There was a bunch of stuff in there about membranes (meme-brains) and how they work.

“A biochemical definition of the cell membrane reads as follows: the membrane is a liquid crystal (phospholipid organization), semiconductor (the only things that can cross the membrane barrier are those brought across by transport IMPs) with gates (receptor IMPs) and channels (effector IMPs).

This definition is exactly the same as that used to define a computer chip.  Recent studies have verified that the cell membrane is in fact an organic homologue of a silicon chip.”   — from Bruce Liption’s article on The New Biology, which has a bunch of references on membranes at the bottom.

(A brief lament: Oh, how I wish we had Doug’s purple numbers right here, right now.) [update: this idea was submitted to wordpress.com feedback on 1/23/06]

Bottom line: Thinking reprograms the genes – yes, the genes. Wild, but that’s the power of a membrane for you.



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