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Blessings of the Blog World and The Art of Being Just Not There January 23, 2006

Posted by Yvonne in beginner blogger, Distinctions, Evolution of We, Power of Dialogue.

Something magical happened today.

I was looking at my Blog Stats – wordpress lets you know how many times your site is hit and which posts get the looks. You can also see who’s looking, or at least where they are coming from. And I gotta tell you: I’m blown away – so moved. I followed a couple links and found some amazing connections. How the heck did they find me? Where did they come from? I can’t believe it. Dallas? China? Italy? Escondido? There’s fab people everywhere!

And I would have never met them, but for this technology, and my willingness to jump in and play.

This game has brought more life, more reality, more intimate connection – and though I don’t read Chinese, I’m writing this to Blue’s voices singing The Gift. Truly uplifting and fulfilling music. Great voices, danceable – so, glad I got rid of the sofas! – and they’re cute too! [later: and courtesy of BlueLee: Blue, the official site. Thx!]

Then I followed Reload’s link and found a great-full young anti-social grandpa in the woods (who reminds me of brother Kev in northern Idaho we just spoke to at Christmas after 8-9? years – another freakin’ miracle that broke open a 16yr long damn dam of non-communciation, but that’s another story). Reading about Reload’s 1/20/06 adventure sparked this post:

Being Just Not There: The matador is there, there, there and then … just not there. There’s something magic in that. It’s the space made available and the style with which it’s done that is the art of it. In these kinds of situations, if you insist on being right there where the action is, you just get gored.

Thanks, Reload, for offering your story that was the inspiration for this sharing …

This world is way too cool! Rollin’ on …

Potential Future Inquiries: The Matador’s Zen


1. reload - January 24, 2006

You are very welcome; I never thought of myself, or my ramblings, as inspirational! And thanks to you for being the official first to comment on my blog!

2. Yvonne - January 25, 2006

My pleasure – And just remember, you never know who’s looking so make it count. Your stories make a difference. Thanks for 1) having them in your life, 2) for noticing that you had them, 3) for so generously sharing them with the larger blog-o-sphere.

Go man! Do not stop …

3. Yvonne - January 25, 2006

This message came from BlueLee but was commented on another post, so I moved it here for consistency:

Yes, of course.I’m so glad to tell you the location.
The blue’s official location is :
I love blue so much!~

Thanks to http://bluelee.wordpress.com!

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