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On No Time to Blog: Where Oh When? January 14, 2006

Posted by Yvonne in beginner blogger, Dynamics of Resistance.

Okay, so that was a brilliant start!

For those of you wondering where I went, I did trapse to points beyond and racked up some miles since 1/4/6, but truly, as I’d not yet gotten this blogging thing fully integrated in my daily life habits … it just wasn’t a happening thing.

But I have been thinking; I know, it doesn’t show. And mostly I’d think: I wonder what I should write? It should be worthwhile, not incriminating, interesting, well-thought out, etc. etc. etc.

Then our buddy Bill said – everyone is wondering where you are?? For a minute I thought: “Well, the Next Now is up and blogging, so I guess I got the job done and they’ll sail merrily along from there.” Then I thought: “But they’re sailing off without me and they miss me …” And I wanted to blog so took it as a nudge (this is why this post is tagged in the Dynamics of Resistance thread) and thot: “Heck, I can pop something out quickly … so here it is.

A couple brilliant tips of icebergs – inquiry themes to explore:

  • The 24 hour Rule
  • Communication, The Conveyance of Silence

So I’d love some feedback on which if any titles my peak interest and then I’ll post more …



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