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Blogging and Dark Chocolate: How to Get People to Read Your Blog? January 4, 2006

Posted by Yvonne in beginner blogger.

Yesterday Sue wrote:

What a blast to get your email about your blog, today of all days, because I have begun writing a blog, and am planning to post it today for the first time!

And what prompted me is exactly your idea of getting the conversation / conversations out there beyond IPK and CGT.

Next question, I guess, is how do you get people to read it? Still, one step at a time.

I had lots of dark chocolate over the holidays, and I imagine you did do. I’ve forgotten heaps about the MWB course, but not your delicious chocolate.

Love, Sue

And I replied: 

“RE: How to get people to read it? Well, you are taking the first step in just getting a blog page going. Nobody can read your mind, sorry to say, so getting in that first page up is the absolute beginning.


[FYI, for those of you still hestiating, a gal friend who was visiting last night created her blog in less than 5 minutes, after we came back from dinner. You can to. Go to http://www.wordpress.com/ it’s free and completely easy. And if you’re still reading this instead of going to the link above, then go to my blog at https://ymburgess.wordpress.com/ and click on the Category: “beginner blogger” — maybe that will help you get over yourself.] 

So then, (and this I learned from Robert see below) first answer to Sue’s question: be authoritative and passionate. Then: link, link, link and more links. Be consistent and be sure to answer people’s comments and posts so they know you are there. Also I’ve started to include my blog address in my email signature and if you use a business card or website, put your blog address there too. You’ve got to let people know its there, but truly, because of the way the search engines work, if you have great content and link to and are linked to by others, especially those whose blogs are really active, your ratings will begin to rise and your postings will begin to show up on Google pages nearer and nearer the top of the list …

Also check my blog and follow the Blogroll link to Robert Scoble. He’s my inspiration and mentor re: blogs. He put up a post earlier today I think that has a lot of great info on blogging especially information for non-tech types who are just starting. 


And if there’s any appreciation to be made – make it the dark, rich, expensive, luscious chocolate a girl can never get enough of! I completely did NOT get enough of that over the holidays, LOL!



1. John Scobey - January 24, 2006

Hi Yvonne,

Great blog. I’m going to point the current P&C class to your blog as a fine example of what we could be doing, and by a P&C grad to boot.

My thoughts: When I subscribe to your feed. Most posts end in […], which suggests to me that you are not publishing the full feed. I hope this is not by design. It’s considered by most in the blogging arena (Robert Scoble and most others) as not thoughtful to publish other than a full feed. Is this an option you’ve chosen?

If so, my request is that you switch to full feed. It’s exasperating to read the first couple lines and then get the […]

2. Yvonne - January 25, 2006

Thanks John. I didn’t know about that FEED business so I think I changed the setting. Let me know if that doesn’t do it.

And thanks for the connection … I appreciate the exposure – I think! Glad to be an inspiration, even as a novice. There’s sooooo much to learn and explore!

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