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Blogging and Dark Chocolate: Blog and/or Website? January 4, 2006

Posted by Yvonne in beginner blogger.

Today Sue wrote:

I was planning to put the blog at one of my websites, so I think I need software. Is this a bad idea?

Should I have it in two places – my site and a blog site?

Best, Sue

And I replied:

As of now I have a personal blog at a blogging site, since they have all the software and automatic services free, and on the blog I have a link to a website for The Presidio Dialogues, a non-profit I serve. I don’t have a personal website and will be using the Pages function of the blog site to do what I would have done in a personal/professional informational website. Don’t know how that would work if I had an ecommerce website.

Today I’ll be investigating setting up a blog for The Presidio Dialogues – so will check with my tech support and see if we can integrate blog functionality in the existing website or choose to put it up on a blogsite and then have links back and forth. The TPD site is where attendees can register online for upcoming programs and we have it all setup with Authorize.net for catching credit card payments, etc. so we won’t change that at all. But since I’ve been using the blog, I can see that we need to do something to extend TPD’s Continue the Conversation functionality because what we have that uses the school’s bulletin board system is not really working at all – too cumbersome to get into for people who come infrequently.

Plus the bulletin board system doesn’t have the RSS (really simple syndication) features of blogs. That’s where you can subscribe to someone’s blog and if something changes, a notice will show up automagically in your personal blog search engine pages. I haven’t set this up yet for myself to monitor blogs I’m interested in, but I understand I can get a blog search engine that integrates with Outlook so that’s also on my radar to investigate.



1. sfraser - January 5, 2006

Well, I did it!

You can find me at sfraser.wordpress.com

2. Yvonne - January 5, 2006

Awesome lady … I’ll see you there!

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