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On Harvest: At the Beginning of Yet Another Year (YAY) January 3, 2006

Posted by Yvonne in Continuity of Source, Word in Action.

I sent out the following BB (Before this Blog), it being a fitting reminder for me to undo, attend and harvest at this time of year’s transition, and I share it more widely now. Excerpted from The Conversation with David Whyte, by New Dimensions World Broadcasting:

“And the great question always is, when you have those threshold moments, can you harvest? Can you harvest that moment? Because all the great traditions, whether they’re our great contemplative or literate traditions, are saying that these moments of revelation are occurring all the time, and the question is are you paying attention? Can you harvest the revelation?

Are you at the threshold? Or are you far back, deep inside some insulation?

Have you given up on the world? Do you think that work is totally about manipulation and about arrangement and about “to do” lists and about getting things done? Or do you see it as some kind of ongoing conversation with greater and greater worlds?

It’s one of the themes that I think is very strong in Crossing the Unknown Sea. It was very strong for me as I was writing it.

There is the necessity for a frontier in your life, for a cliff edge, for an internal outlaw, for an edge, for a sense that you’re not completely in control, that you have edges of vulnerability and unknowing.

Instead of feeling weaker because of that vulnerability, it simply increases your attentive faculties. You pay tremendous attention and go deeper and deeper into the frontier lands and into the conversation itself. You start to understand as you apprentice yourself to that form of attention, that you’re actually not making all the changes happen.

Your task is simply to make sure the conversation is alive, and all the changes you want will come out of that conversation. (emphasis added)” David Whyte


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