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On Integrity and Honoring January 3, 2006

Posted by Yvonne in Distinctions.

This is something I wrote sometime back in an email group but wanted to move forward into a larger listening, in response to this post:

“What is honoring?”

“Integrity is ‘honoring one’s word as oneself’ — In that sense, and that’s the only one that makes sense to me, honoring means dealing with one’s highest self, not with one’s stuff….knowing that who that person is is another manifestation on God, whether or not recognized by that person at that time…

Interimly, honoring includes respecting and, more simply, taking one seriously.” 


“You can think of integrity as the state of being integrated. So another next level of integrity looks something like ‘honoring another as oneself’ (The Golden Rule – no surprise), one not two.

In that state, there is no word, no stand. There’s just being … One Self … nothing separate to ‘honor’ and so no possibility for perpetration. Not even One’s Self — as something ‘apart from’, to be owned. Just one.

No effort. Nothing to do. And then you just go about your business. And what’s natural in that state is what we call honoring.

As long as there are two (even honoring ‘my word’ as ‘myself’) there is not an expression of ultimate integrity.”


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