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Some Topic Areas and Dimensions for Discovery January 2, 2006

Posted by Yvonne in PhD I'm not doing now.

I’m simultaneously thinking and working from multiple perspectives in a variety of arenas, so invite connection and conversation for exploration of ideas. Here are the topics from my application to the PhD in Human and Organizational Systems at The Fielding Institute, and although I’ve been accepted, I haven’t yet popped open the time to actually go for it.

Frameworks and Focus: locating leverage points in complex human and technical systems; structuring physicality, thought and points of view so they give rise to new possibilities.

The Indirect Approach: as described in, for example, F.M. Alexander’s Alexander TechniqueRichard Wetherill’s Right Action Ethic as applied to organizational evolution.

The Power of Dialogue: listening, thinking and speaking; especially the art of listening for what cannot be said, what has never been said and what wants to be said; the power of the audience in art; resonance and “the between” ala Buber.

Word in Action: people knowing themselves as soul and beginning to work that way in the world; speaking, sound and the Creative Word as generative language.

Continuity of Source: providing for smooth transition when a founder, key contributor or persons who are the source/generator of a conversation, project or enterprise must depart; remarkable people passing the torch; how to discover, document, recreate and train others to provide what legacy leaders had provided so that the work continues to expand effectively; leveraging learning legacies.

Exploration of We: “We” as a unity, humanity as a whole vs. “we” a collection of social “I”s.

The Dynamics of Resistance: Discourse as a social phenomenon that gives the fabric of human being and constrains what is possible; the character and dynamics of the created structures of humanity; balancing fluidity with solidity in human and technical systems; the mystery of timespace.

I’ll probably be posting stuff in each topic area, but would love to focus on those topics that in some way click with others.  What peaks your interest?


1. billdaul - January 2, 2006

Yvonne (or whichever persona you are at the moment),

I am enjoying your blog stream.


2. Yvonne - January 2, 2006

Thanks Bill – I can’t wait to see yours!

3. Igor - January 2, 2006


You don’t waste time. Good show. I like the simplicity and clarity of your format. It’s easy on the eyes and lends itself to further reading. Check out the St. Petersberg Rocket Boom segment. Best wishes on a propitious start.

— Igor

4. Yvonne - January 2, 2006

re: not wasting time: “There is tremendous energy because there is nothing to dissipate it. There is great creativity because there is nothing to restrict it.”

This I found on the back of an envelope when clearing out my Not Doing Now pile(s) over the weekend. I know it came from some book I was reading. Unfortunately I’ve not got any clue the source …

format/theme is one of the standard available ones by Becca Wei from my auto blog world WordPress.com – bonehead easy.

Thx for ref to Rocketboom’s St. Petersberg blog entry. It was among the inspirations to Amy’s new What Matters? blog: http://caroussel.wordpress.com

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