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Dropping the Common Fallacies of the Half-Hidden Human January 2, 2006

Posted by Yvonne in beginner blogger, Dynamics of Resistance.

My second day in blogsphere. I woke this morning with brain cells already in gear: categories, new distinctions, stories to share, tips, … but in the main, I was still wondering: What took me so long?

After some hours of sorting out new language and learning some of the distinct particles of this world, how they work together, supporting and influencing one another, my gratitude flows to Dorai for his availability by phone – a decent orientation and clarity in no time!

Then I had to deal with myself … shall I be professional or real? Shall I contribute or share? Shall I go on a linking spree or slowly unfold, letting the lay of the natural land carry me, unintentionally creating an as yet unknown configuration of self?

In an evolving process, so far, here are the beliefs that had to crack for this chicky to pop out …

There’s something to protect: The mistaken idea that there is anything more valuable than authentic expression. So now, to be brave and to be bold and to live.

There’s something to manage: The mistaken idea that I could or even needed to control anything in life.  All the world is a creative muddle which, if I’m honest, is gloriously beyond my ken. I can’t even guarantee my next breath! Holding on, strapped down, one only is broken. Floating, responsive, with awareness, I am free to be surprised, in a creative exploration and therefore dynamically effective.

Being public is optional: The mistaken idea that I am anyone alone. I enjoy myself in relationship with you, through the gifts of being human that we share with each other. I can discover so much on my own, but did I really think I could hide from people and still actually live?

It doesn’t matter: Facing the most humiliating possible outcome: being irrelevant, and the related fear: will there be resonance? This concern is completely hilarious. Who cares? There is already so rich a conversation going on in the arenas I care about, with so many partners already playing, keeping myself away from the party is just dumb.

Gotta get it right: The completely idiotic notion that there’s any other possibility, right now, than how it is. Bob Muson, fine artist and wise soul, told me once: “The term self-expression is redundant.” Every move in life is an expression of the divine, and by definition there’s no wrong way! Life is art, and all of it works.

Laughing, I will be out in the garden as soon as the storms of winter let up … or maybe sooner.


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