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Before I Even Have It … Giving It Away January 2, 2006

Posted by Yvonne in beginner blogger, Power of Dialogue.

Talk about dangerous … too much chai, and we have another budding blogger.

She was breezing through town to pack up the storage and move everything to LA, then blast off to Paris for a year of fun. Overnight for a moment, we swooped down to Indian dinner and way too much chai. She was wondering about “What’s next?”  I shared about my recent entree to the blogsphere, and she said she’d thought about writing a book.

About what? I asked. She replied, “I don’t know … you know … something that would give a message on many levels, a story for kids as well as adults – for everyone … about, you know … about what matters, what’s essential in life … ”

And then … it was simply done. In the moment of speaking and listening, the grain of sand around which the pearl must eventually materialize came to be.

Look out for friend Amy’s musings and bemusings in, on and around what matters? Contribute mightily to a worthy inquiry without end. Who cares if we ever get the answer … the engagement will reveal our selves, and that’ll be entertainment enough.

So what was THAT all about?  What makes me want to “convert” another? These few outcomes at least:

Opening a space of play: You should have seen her face light up when moments ago she entered WordPress and was ON!

Sharing the joy of expression: It may take her awhile to settle on a theme; she is an artist after all. So far we liked “dark maple” and “china red”.

Engaging people as partners: I’m sure there are things I would love to think about and engage in which are currently beyond my scope. So I’d never think about them without being provoked by another. Looks like something about creating in my life conditions that provoke and prod and keep me alive. Otherwise, I’d be doing and saying the same ol’ thing.

Unleashing the human spirit: Driving back up the hill, she couldn’t wait to get online. “My mind is expanding! I feel like the door’s just blown open and I’m in a rush of wind!” How great is that?

Yup, give it away – I say the world could do with a bit more expansion of that caliber.

And, funniest thing is, I didn’t even have it yet! This must be the new, new math.



1. dorai - January 2, 2006

“Giviting it away” – The concept is so beautiful.

We are creating a new space as our minds expand. Let us keep the dilaogue going.

2. Yvonne - January 2, 2006

I’m looking at your post and reading “gifting” it away and keeping the “dilly-dally-a-logue” going.

I think we may both be “idoits” and have together discovered the new Rule of Mislocated Consonants: “Misspellings, if welcomed, will always reveal deeper truths.”

Thanks so much, Dorai! We’ll be famous!

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